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Montgomery Sailboats Owners Group

The Making of the New Montgomery 23 Offshore Cutter

     I know of no builder that has opened the factory doors so everyone can see how a sailboat is constructed from design to final delivery—until now. A new version of the Lyle Hess-designed Montgomery 23 Offshore Cutter began construction in late 2000 with Jerry Montgomery, the builder of the original Montgomery 23, working with Montgomery Boats on the project. You are about to follow the construction of hull #1 of the Montgomery 23 Offshore Cutter from start to finish.
     It can't be helped; this is a story told in pictures and takes a few minutes to load. To shortcut it, thumbnails are linked to the big pictures containing narration.

Image: The Sailplan

Part 1: The Plug    (See Thumbnails)

Part 2: The Mold    (See Thumbnails)

Part 3: Production    (See Thumbnails)

Part 4: Production    (See Thumbnails)

Part 5: Assembly    (See Thumbnails)

Part 6: Completion    (See Thumbnails)

Part 7: Standard Equipment and Pricing

I'm all thumbs: small-scale versions of all pictures—pick a shot and go directly to it.