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Welcome to the Montgomery Sailboats Owners Group web site (NOT affiliated with Montgomery Boats, Inc.). The MSOG is an informal non-organization that communicates daily through Keith Diehl's Montgomery Boats Mailing List, an invaluable resource (but not managed by this site). You'll never meet a more congenial group of people, or one more devoted to these great boats. Find out why by browsing this web site. Have any questions? Subscribe to the Montgomery Boats Mailing List or search the archives. People will be glad to help. The now defunct Montgomery Owner's Newsletter, published quarterly for several years and chock-full of great articles, is also available here under "Really Good Stuff", as is a great new Montgomery photos site.

Montgomery 17

Montgomery 15

Most of the information has been gathered by Montgomery owners; their information contributions, financial donations, and hard work are gratefully acknowledged.

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